What We Do


“Marketing plans should inspire your company – around a brand story and customer target market. Disciplined marketing planning focuses on customer understanding and then accelerating and changing behaviors most critical to success.”

Roman Hiebing,
Scott Cooper, and
Steve Wehrenberg:
The Successful Marketing Plan
4th Edition, McGraw Hill Publishing


Our Services

There are many ways we can engage with you. Some companies use us for the whole process. Others have us focus on specific sections. Some try one of our workshops first. The specific products we offer include the following:

  1. Market Research and Insight Work: Determining what you need to know and finding the information to drive your strategy work.

  2. Business Model: Determining or evolving your thinking around what you do (scope), who you're for (target markets), and how you're different (brand positioning).

  3. Marketing Planning: Helping firms manage by objectives and determine what needs to be done (sales, profit, marketing, and communication) and then test and develop a plan of action with game changing strategies across product portfolio work, distribution channels, pricing, and communications (internal, external and database/CRM).

  4. Message Strategy or Telling Your Story: Creating a powerful story that is understood internally and provides a compelling reason to use your company and its products. Oh, and most importantly, to create fanatics for your company based on your unique point of differentiation.

  5. Evaluating Results: Establishing evaluation metrics and acquiring the knowledge to determine if you won across individual programs or year-end results.

  6. Executive Workshops and Seminars: We provide an environment in which learning can take place through a series of interactive seminars on answering the 8 questions every business needs to answer. Principal Scott Cooper uses content from his four books published by McGraw Hill; his background of over 15 years leading workshops for the University of Wisconsin's Executive Education Department; and his experience bringing the 8 questions to life for companies like Kohl's Department Store, AGCO (house of international agricultural brands), Zenith, American Family, and many others right to your boardroom.